Guardinum is an affordable, and attractive smart pendant that discreetly sends a distress signal, improving the safety of the wearer.


In a world where danger is prevalent, the need to increase safety for women must be fulfilled. Guardinum is taking a stance on this matter. Our smart pendant utilizes advanced technology, enabling the wearer to alert trusted circles and authorities efficiently in times of crisis at the tap of a button.



Meet Guardinum

Wearable technology in the form of a fashionable pendant. Guardinum features easy, safe and convenient ways to alert friends & family, authorities, and nearby Guardinum users when danger arises. 


 A Sophisticated Solution

  • Guardinum provides efficient & reliable communication to trusted parties through the cloud
  • Activate an alert with Guardinum in three simple ways; a button press, voice command, or abnormal movement.

  • A highly secure system that prioritizes data protection and privacy

Advanced Location Tracking

  • Guardinum stores and consistently updates your coordinates in real time.
  • Exact whereabouts of the wearer can even be determined in complex locations like an office building or shopping mall

  • Guardinum functions without a smartphone or access to cell service

Approved For Your Lifestyle

  • A water resistant design allows the Guardinum wearer more flexibility

  • 20+ day battery life on single charge

  • Stunning aesthetics and interchangeable color choice


The Guardinum Mobile App

An app designed to increase safety, transmitting your exact location to trusted parties in perilous situations. Built for iOS and Android.


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