Technology is advancing at exponential rates. The level of safety available to society should progress with it. 

One in three women world wide have faced violence at least once in their life time. A majority of these women had no way of protecting themselves when placed in these situations. Guardinum aims to put an end to this issue. With this innovative smart pendant, the hope for a safer world can become the new reality.


Built by technology veterans. Inspired by life-changing personal experiences. 


Guardinum's founders were inspired to make a change by experiences that impacted their families. These events gave them visible proof that a huge problem was apparent, and needed to be solved immediately. Our co-founder Haroon Rasheed was aware of the problem during his time with the non-profit organization, Healing Touch, which helps serve refugees in Bangalore in dire need of financial assistance and communication skills. One of the main contributors to Healing Touch, a friend of Haroon's, become victim in sexual violence. At that moment, Haroon realized this situation was unfortunately a common occurrence, and that women in these communities needed a solution. Guardinum was founded by necessity.

Guardinum's design sets it apart from other safety products available.

The founders goal is to create a product that is affordable and visually appealing, yet inconspicuous- a product that effortlessly integrates into your daily life. Safety-oriented technology that is widely available is the first step towards a secure and comfortable society

Team Guardinum


Haroon Rasheed

Originally from Southern India, Haroon is a leader in the field of technology with over 20 years of experience working hardware engineering. Experienced in product management, development, and launch tactics. Haroon combines his technical expertise and management capabilities to create a product people will love.

Haris Vakkayil

As a business partner to Haroon and originally from the same whereabouts, Haris brings a diverse skill set to Guardinum. He's been delivering software in the enterprise sector for over 18 years with proven capabilities in program management and leadership. Additionally, his sales & marketing experience helps contribute to his success. 

Henna AJ

A young South Indian Marketing graduate, Henna resides in Mumbai and has understood the importance of women's safety having lived in an Indian city.  She played a crucial role in designing the product and creating the aesthetics that makes our product appealing and secure.